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Around the NBA with Chris & Eric

Apr 26, 2019

Chris & Eric go over the remaining two game fours, six game 5's and the sole game 6 in the first round (so far). Chris and Eric celebrate the Blazers victory and elimination of the Oklahoma City Thunder. They take a look at the teams that have advanced and discuss their upcoming second round series, providing facts and predictions. As well, they talk about game 7 of the Denver/San Antonio series. Tune in! 

Correction: Going into Saturday's Game 7 vs Denver, Coach Gregg Popovich is actually 3-3 in Game 7s in his career, losing to the Mavericks (2006), Heat (2013), and Clippers (2015) and beating the Pistons (2005), Hornets (2008), and Mavericks (2014). DeRozan is actually 2-1. Plumlee is 1-0.